Sofa King

Sofa King


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Stern Clyde - Sofa King


  1. :Re!ax: (intro)

    w/ JT the Dreamer, Cornelius Chandler

  2. New Hoopdie pt. I & II

    w/ JT the Dreamer, Jerel Micheal

  3. Get to Know

    w/ JT the Dreamer

  4. Sofa King

    w/ Boregard.

  5. On A Mission

    w/ JT the Human

  6. Afterparty

    w/ JT the Dreamer

  7. Death Isles

    w/ OKcello

  8. What Day Is It? (outro)

Released July 2016
Recorded & mastered in Atlanta, GA

Producers: Black°Adam, Cornelius Chandler, Okorie Johnson
Writers: Adam Elias Thomas, JT Tarpav, Cornelius Chandler
Engineer: DangerVybez

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Physical CD copy of Sofa King, the debut EP project under Black°Adam’s original monicker “Stern Clyde”.